Ph.D. dissertation standards

As part of its collection development policy and to advance scholarship, JKM Library collects one copy of the dissertation written by each Ph.D. degree candidate of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. Your dissertation will be bound and made available as part of the print collection.

In addition, you will submit an identical copy in PDF format to ProQuest, which provides the comprehensive service for publishing, archiving, and disseminating graduate research, not to mention allowing you to receive royalties for your published work.

Please consult LSTC's 2023-24 PhD Program Manual, especially "Section 8:  PhD Dissertation Policies and Procedures," as you prepare to submit your dissertation. 

Guidelines for formatting your dissertation
Depending on your research, the dissertation should conform to the scholarly conventions set forth in either:

  • Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers, 9th ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2018), or
  • The SBL Handbook of Style for Ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and Early Christian Studies, 2nd ed. (Peabody, Mass.: Hendrickson Publishers, Inc., 2014).

The dissertation must incorporate all editorial and formatting suggestions made by the dissertation editor.

Submitting an electronic copy of your dissertation to ProQuest

The ProQuest UMI ETD Administrator allows Ph.D. candidates to upload their approved dissertations to ProQuest electronically. Participating in the program:

  • significantly reduces publication turnaround time
  • eliminates the basic publishing fee for authors.

Participation in the ProQuest UMI ETD program is mandatory for all graduating Ph.D. candidates, along with the submission of a hard-copy of your dissertation to the JKM Library.

The ProQuest UMI ETD website answers many of the questions that you may have in submitting your dissertation to ProQuest. If you have any questions for which you cannot find the answer, you have the option of either contacting ProQuest using an online form (under the Training & Support tab) or calling 1.800.521.0600 (toll-free in the U.S. and Canada). The Interim Director of the JKM Library can also answer some questions and is willing to work one-on-one with you. You can contact her at

Important: The electronic copy submitted to ProQuest must incorporate all editorial and formatting suggestions made by the dissertation editor, as well as your signature page.

Before submitting your dissertation electronically to the ProQuest UMI ETD Administrator website you should:

When you begin the process of submitting your dissertation (using the Submitting Your Dissertation/Thesis page), you will create a password-protected account. As you submit your dissertation, the ProQuest UMI ETD will guide you through a step-by-step process to completion. Anytime during the submission process you can save your work and exit.  After you've completed the process, the Associate Librarian for Public Services will review your submission and submit it to ProQuest/UMI Dissertation Publishing.

Submitting your dissertation to the JKM Library
A PDF copy of your dissertation, including the signature page, must be submitted to the JKM Library by a date to be determined by the Advanced Studies Office (as published in the Ph.D. Program Manual).
Upon your submission of the PDF dissertation to JKM Library as well as ProQuest, the Library Director will sign and date the Form K, notifying the Advanced Studies Office that the dissertation has been received by the JKM Library and the electronic copy has been submitted to ProQuest.

It is your responsibility to see that your submitted dissertation is complete and in correct order.  Neither JKM, nor your advisor, nor the Advanced Studies Office will check for completeness.
If you have additional questions, please contact Laura Frost, Interim Director of the JKM Library at

Printing your dissertation for th JKM Library

JKM Library uses Wallaceburg Bookbinding to bind dissertations.  The library covers the cost of having one copy of your dissertation printed, bound, cataloged, and added to JKM's print collection.

A personal print copy of your bound dissertation

If desired, you may purchase bound personal copies of your dissertation through ProQuest. Or, as an alternative, you may ask JKM library to have two printed copies of your dissertation produced, along with a check or money order to pay for your personal copy, plus cost of shipping.  Please contact Laura Frost at to determine cost of printing and shipping.