About JKM

The JKM Library is administered as the JKM Library Trust by a board of directors comprised of the presidents, academic deans, two faculty and representatives of the boards of the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago and McCormick Theological Seminary, the JKM Library director, and a treasurer (currently the McCormick VP for Finance). The JKM in our name was — from 1975 to 2004 — an initialism for Jesuit-Krauss-McCormick: Jesuit from the Jesuit School of Theology, which closed in 1981; Krauss from the Krauss Library, the original name of the merged collection when LSTC moved to Hyde Park in 1967; and McCormick, obviously, for McCormick Theological Seminary, which joined the Jesuits and LSTC in the Hyde Park neighborhood in 1975). In 2004, in an agreement worked out with the Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus, the name Jesuit was dropped, and we became officially known as the JKM Library.