New books

Recent additions to the collection
Spirit of love
Yong, Amos
Jesus and the demise of death
Levering, Matthew, 1971-
The world's Christians
Jacobsen, Douglas G., 1951-
The Orthodox Christian world
Casiday, Augustine
Beck, Richard Allan, 1967-
The Black megachurch
Tucker-Worgs, Tamelyn, 1971-
No place for abuse
Kroeger, Catherine Clark
God in her midst
Flake, Elaine McCollins
First and Second Peter
Watson, Duane Frederick.
God without being
Marion, Jean-Luc, 1946-
The spiritual in the secular
Harries, Patrick
Covenant and hope
Jenson, Robert W.
Nourishing the spirit
Whitehead, James D.
By the hand of Mormon
Givens, Terryl