New books

Recent additions to the collection
Segal, Howard P.
White religion and black humanity
Singleton, Harry H., 1965-
Realm of the saint
Cornell, Vincent J.
Inheriting Abraham
Levenson, Jon Douglas
Ishmael instructs Isaac
Kaltner, John, 1954-
God of the living
Feldmeier, Reinhard
Faith, rationality, and the passions
Coakley, Sarah, 1951-
The evolution of Adam
Enns, Peter, 1961-
Swinton, John, 1957-
The Blackwell companion to Paul
Westerholm, Stephen, 1949-
Toxic charity
Lupton, Robert D.
How to build a better human
Pence, Gregory E.
Unprotected texts
Knust, Jennifer Wright, 1966-
Then we'll sing a new song
Clark, Mary Ann, 1949-
The theology of Martin Luther
Barth, Hans-Martin