New books

Recent additions to the collection
Narcissist universalism
Benyaminy, Yitzhak, 1968-
Members are ministers
Goetting, Paul F.
Radicalism in Islam
Mohanty, Nirode
Breaking monotheism
Cataldo, Jeremiah W.
Waiting for gospel
Hall, Douglas John, 1928-
Worship matters
Baker-Trinity, Jennifer
Advent reflections
Strandjord, Jeanette Bialas
Introducción al Antiguo Testamento
Ramírez Muñoz, Guillermo
Forging the male spirit
Longwood, W. Merle, 1939-
Gottes Name(n)
Zenger, Erich, 1939-2010
Music as theology
Heaney, Maeve Louise
After Qumran
Ausloos, Hans
Faith forming faith
Hoffman, Paul E.
God is red
Liao, Yiwu, 1958-