A note about access to WorldCat Discovery

November 11, 2014

Ever since JKM migrated to WorldCat Discovery this past spring, off-campus users have been unable to place interlibrary loan requests; happily, this problem is now solved (fyi: users accessing WorldCat Discovery while on campus do not have this problem). After clicking on Databases > Off-campus access to digital resources, and inputting your username/password, WorldCat Discovery will appear listed as 'JKM Library WorldCat Discovery.' When you've located an item which you wish to borrow through interlibrary loan (and confirmed that it is not available via I-Share), click on the Request Item button. The system will respond with the pop-up: Authentication required. Sign into JKM Library.

Click on the 'Sign into JKM Library' link (confirming that you're affiliated with JKM), and then continue to fill out the required fields (name, 14-digit JKM barcode number, email address). After you've filled out the required fields, click on 'Submit.' When your interlibrary loan has been received,  we'll notify you via email that it's available for pickup at the circulation desk. Questions? problems? contact us at infocommons@jkmlibrary.org.