Access to library resources after May 19, 2023

The physical premises of the JKM Library are now, as of 4:30 pm on Friday, May 19, 2023, closed to our users. We recognize that this will cause some inconvenience to our users and may cause some delay in our ability to serve your needs. However, just as we did in the depths of the pandemic, library staff will continue to do their best to meet the information and learning needs of all our users.

During this transitional period, our licensed digital resources will continue to be available 24/7/365 through our website or through Primo, our catalog. If you need a scan of an article or chapter, you can place a document delivery request (although turnaround time will take longer) either by using the ‘Click here to request a scanned copy of an article or essay/chapter’ function in the databases or sending an email with complete bibliographic information to For borrowing physical books and other hardcopy resources, you have two options:

·         requesting them from one the other 87 I-Share libraries, which is done by logging into Primo with your OpenAthens credentials and placing a request for pickup; or,

·         borrowing them in person from the Regenstein Library of the University of Chicago (1100 E. 57th Street, just two blocks south of the LSTC/McCormick campus)

Access to JKM physical resources will be very limited during sorting and preparation for moving. While limited in our ability to fulfill all requests, you are always welcome to suggest a book that might be purchased in e-format by contacting library staff at Please also note that the pickup location for I-Share materials will be changing at the end of June, when LSTC vacates the 1100 E. 55th Street building. More information will be forthcoming about the new pickup location.

As noted above, individuals currently affiliated with McCormick or LSTC enjoy access to the University of Chicago library system, and we encourage all our users to begin getting acquainted with their extraordinary resources. If you have never applied for privileges before at the Regenstein Library’s I.D. and Privileges office or need to renew your privileges, ensure that your ACTS borrower identification card is current (all cards expire June 30th, 2023). If you need a new ACTS borrower i.d. card, contact library staff at and include your street address, and we’ll mail you a new i.d. card good through June 30, 2024. Plans are currently in the works to streamline the application process, but probably through the end of summer you’ll need an ACTS borrower identification card and your LSTC/McCormick i.d. to apply for privileges. Unfortunately we’re unable to extend access to the resources of the University of Chicago libraries to our alumni, but we will continue to provide access to the Atla Religion Database with Atla Serials PLUS, and the Anchor Yale Bible and Anchor Yale Bible dictionary in electronic format.

Finally, as the spring semester 2023 is now over, we ask that if you're no longer using JKM materials that you return them to the bookdrop in the LSTC front desk area. If the item you're using is from one of the other 87 I-Share libraries, then you can continue using the resource until either you're finished your research or your renewals have run out.

If you have questions, contact library staff at