New books

Recent additions to the collection
Beck, Richard Allan, 1967-
The Black megachurch
Tucker-Worgs, Tamelyn, 1971-
No place for abuse
Kroeger, Catherine Clark
God in her midst
Flake, Elaine McCollins
First and Second Peter
Watson, Duane Frederick.
God without being
Marion, Jean-Luc, 1946-
The spiritual in the secular
Harries, Patrick
Covenant and hope
Jenson, Robert W.
Nourishing the spirit
Whitehead, James D.
By the hand of Mormon
Givens, Terryl
Islam and America
Majid, Anouar, 1960-
Clearly invisible
Dawkins, Marcia Alesan
The accidental revolutionary
Mahaffey, Jerome Dean
Paul and the heritage of Israel
Moessner, David P., 1949-
Red state religion
Wuthnow, Robert
World almanac of Islamism 2011
American Foreign Policy Council
Fentress-Williams, Judy
The Book of Mormon
Gutjahr, Paul C.